Current Projects

We are upgrading our meter reading system from a Touch Read System to AMR, which is a vehicle drive by radio read system. Be careful not to hit the reading device (a small black disk on top of the lid) when cutting grass; costs are associated with damages requiring replacement. Keeping your meter pit free of debris and easily accessible will help tremendously with our monthly readings, maintenance and changeout programs.  


We will be relocating 6" and 8" cast iron water mains in the Richardson Road and Jeffco Blvd. area due to MoDot widening Jeffco Blvd. starting in October 2023.  Update: Relocation is almost complete and services will be switched over to the new main on Tuesday, 12/12 and Wednesday, 12/13.

Update 12/12/23: All services have been switched over and restored.  Water will not be shut off on 12/13/23 as all services have been completely switched to the new main.